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December 1, 2004

White Rabbits!

It's the first of the month again. So... I'm gonna bore you all with info about hits to my blog...

Novemeber was a great month, both unique dudes wise (4918!) and visits from these dudes (10406! - broken the 10k ceiling!). I do, however, fear that most of these were bloody comment spammers. Oh well. Impressive numbers nethertheless. The poor webserver almost transferred a whole gig of data!

In the top ten hosts... the only one I recognise is ntl:'s Nottingham cache. The rest are all probably random comment spamming evil people. Speaking of which... the most accessed page on the site was the comment posting script, with 7818 hits! That's damn crazy! Like an average of 260 attempted comments per day!

The good old Crimson Room post is still the most visited post - getting a whopping 2096 views. What people have searched for when the come to the site is also domitated by the coloured room theme. Althought a certain telephone number and some post about shaking ass does also appear in the top ten. Oh yeah... visionary philosopher is at number two.

That's about it really. Not sure there's anything else even remotely interesting about the stats. Next month it'll be interesting to see how many 403 Forbidden errors there are! 1577 for only a few days at the end of November! and... erm... 1116 for only a few hours of December - haha... they don't get much posted anymore though, do they?!

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