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July 19, 2003

I see you baby... shaking that ass

[You've prolly found this page on Google 'cause it appears quite high on the rankings if you search for I see you baby shaking that ass anyway... please comment below on what you were looking for when you typed that into the search engine and I'll try and find it for you... then you'll have it, and hopefully other people who come here by Google who are looking for the same thing will also have it... :)

I feel quite guilty that people find this page and yet it more than likely won't have what they are looking for on it and I don't want to waste your time!]

Oh no... I've posted a post and now I'm posting another right afterwards...

I've just seen the Renault Megane advert... you know the "La Derrier" (I can't spell, I'll get my french knowing angel1 type person to correct if for me :)) one.

Well I was going to comment on Renault's new cunning idea of giving their range of cars a huge arse when I came back from Lanzarote (oh crap, I haven't posted the report... doh!)

So anyway... what were they thinking!!!!? Big bunch of idiots... maybe the world has suddenly decided that big fat wide arses are a good attractive thing... WRONG. So why do they think they look attractive on cars? Well the Spanish seem to be taken by it... I hope it doesn't take off over here, or I think I may get more travel sick than I already am.

1 I do hope she doens't mind being called an angel :) teehee.

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