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November 29, 2004


Well I've managed to kill attempts at the automatic posting of comments to my site now by the comment spamming blighters :-) And I'm also catching them and blocking them so that they can't try and post comments on other ClaudeStreet empire blogs (Ant's and Manda's... Russ had his comments disabled a long time ago!)

Ant's and Manda's blogs also benefit from the automatic banning of people who post without actually refering a page where you can post comments from too - but don't currently have security code protection - an easy thing to add though.

So, yeah, today I've had no comment spams appear on the blog, and none have been blocked by MT-Blacklist due to questionable content. 34 hosts have automattically been added to the blocked ip list and can't access either the main site (which hosts the comment posting page for all the ClaudeStreet blogs) or this blog - again trivial to make it forbid access to other people's blogs hosted here. Only 321 forbidden pages have been served today however... maybe comment spammers only work weekends - we had about 5000 attempts to comment spam over the weekend!

ClaudeStreet has now been security coded... not that it gets any posts to comment on any more...

Cool, huh?

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