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December 2, 2004

Hard Spell

Today I watched Hard Spell on TV. It's like TV program based around a spelling bee.

All I have to say is bloody hell! I didn't know what half the words meant let alone how to spell them. But then I suppose one doesn't have to know what the words mean to spell them and it's all about educated guess work. I found them using the word 'dyslexia' quite funny :-)

In other news... today I've been learning how to present (again!). Suppose practice makes perfect. Tonight I've had to write a presentation on somethine acedemic. So, I've decided to write about pulse oximetry... luckily(?) I have to dumb it down to a silly level, 'cause the people I'm presening to are 2 politics students, a lawyer and a geographer! Crazy!

Time for bed soon I think. Need to be up at silly am to put my presentation on the computer.

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