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July 18, 2005

So, last Wednesday then... and Friday... and Sunday...

Heh late posting again... I went skating as I do on Wednesday's. We didn't loose the old coach, who seems to be back to teach us :-) You know how last timeI said she made me laugh? Well it's quite good 'cause I make her laugh too - I do however sense that's it's at me, not with me.

No gurlz again :-( Think they might have gone into hiding. Teehee. Some other girls did seem interested thought. Not that they talked to me or anything, but Chris pointed out that they were looking and smiling at me, and then they did have a habit of stopping just behind where I was... not that I'm paranoid. Odd as it may seem, I don't think I want a 16 year old girlfriend... of course I'm only guessing at 16 here, they might have been 15...

On Friday I went out into town for the first time in aaaaaages. It was quite a fun night I suppose. Spent most of it looking at girls and trying to work out if they we're of a dykish nature or not. Eventually... it was made clear that they were. Fun to watch though :-)

After leaving the club we were met with a vast array of flashing blue lights... "What's going on here then?" I thought... and went off towards them to investigate (clever, huh?). There was a car stoved into the wall of the Royal Mail building. "Seems like quite of cops and a helicoptor for just one crash," I thought... we carried on walking down the road to see a car full of coppers with big fuck off guns pointng them towards the car... erm nice.

Sunday we did another day out (well when I say day, I really mean late afternoon). We went to the Blue John Caverns, near Castleton in Derbyshire. A good day out I thought.

There we are, and abridged update on what's been happening. Posts might start to happen about things as they happen now... fat chance :-)

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