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July 8, 2005

It feels like there is so much to blog about...

... and I don't really know where to begin!

So then... yesterday was Ice Skating day. It was quite interesting. We've got our old coach back (although maybe only for one week). She makes me laugh.

"So, we've got the Olympics then, how exciting!?"
"Indeed, argh I'll be 30 when they are on!"
"Is Ice Skating one of the sports?"
"Erm... it's the summer olympics - ice is cold..."
"Oh yeah..."

In the public session afterwards I managed to impress myself further by almost being able to do a "Three-Turn" every time. Rock on... The gurlz weren't there again - most disappointed!

In the interval between the end of the lesson and the start of the public session Chris and Chris usually have food (and I do if I'm feeling like the fat bastard that I am - I used to eat at home before going) - may this be a takeaway or even cooking something in Moist's wikky apartment.

As a change we decided to go to Pizza Hut for a meal instead.

We decided that getting the 25 quid "Full Works" deal would be the way to go... this is 2 starters, a medium and a large pizza (or one of those four for all things), 4 bottomless drinks and 2 bowls for unlimited ice cream factory. 25 quid... bargain.

So, we ordered what we wanted... all's well... then the waitress comes and tells us that there is no ham... arse. We choose chicken to replace the ham... dum de dum... we wait... then the starter arrives. I had no real issue with either of the starters... we notice that the drinks are somewhat flat - be decided that it's acceptable and don't complain.

My glass was empty and they weren't up to their normal "do you want a refill?" every five seconds routine :( even though they should have been as the place was somewhat dead. We got our pizzas... again I could not fault the pizzas.

Then we sat around whilst I grew a beard waiting for our bowls for ice cream to arrive... eventuallty after I subtly decided to fall asleep with my head on the table...

"Would you like the bill?"
"No, we'd quite like some bowls for our desert seeing as we're on the works offer."
"The ice cream factory is broken - I could get you some scooped ice cream if you want and you could add the things..."
"Erm, yeah - I suppose that'll have to do."

After about 5 minutes she returns with 3 bowls - bonus a free bowl of ice cream. We go over to the Ice Cream factory and load up our bowls with sweet goodies.

When we get back to our table - which still have pizza plates all over it I must add - we notice that we are lacking in the spoons department... we wander over to the wash area to ask for some spoons...

Ewww.... the ice cream what somewhat disgusting! I eat my chocolate buttons and leave the rest... everyone else follows suit. Ah well... I then have to try my fall asleep routine to get the bill! It didn't seem to work.

We discuss the possibility of doing a walkout - just to see if they would actually notice. Eventally we are asked if we would like the bill. "Yes please and a quick word with the manager if you would be so kind"

She comes back with the bill that is too high and asks if we want to see the manager about the meal. We guess so...

The manager comes and we explain the gripes we'd had with the meal - the flat coke, the lack of service, them having run out of toppings, the ice cream tasting like shit, the table having not been cleared...

He's is very apologtic - he couldn't really be anything else really and offers us a discount of 25%. As a good will gesture he also gave us a meal voucher for 25 quid the next time we go in there to show that they can do good service also - wooo yeah. So, we basically are going to get 50 quids worth of food for the cost of 18 quid - even more of a bargain! That's like a profit of 32 quid... it's a good job we didn't do a walkout, no?

I'll let you know all know how the second visit goes!

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