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July 16, 2005

Harddrives have come a long way!

At work we had a clear out of all the old crap that was cluttering up the lab - things I used to do in the aperiodic feature that was 'What Ed found in his lab'. Well this feature can't really happen anymore because it all ended up in the skip!

One thing didn't end up in skip... it ended up being taken by me :-)

Old harddirve versus an iPod

It's the oldest harddtrive I'ev ever seen. It's a pity that there is no date on it - however by using the FCC ID database I've found that it's FCC Licence was granted on 02/25/1983! I was going to play a game of guess the drive capacity of it... but I can't can't find it. I thought it was around 3 Meg, but I'd misread the label.

OK... so after more geeky Googling I've found that it's a whole 20 Meg!

For comparison sakes I took the photo with the drive next to my new 30Gb iPod - which only has a capacity 1500 times greater than it... and it'll play MP3s...

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