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August 10, 2004

Well I suppose I knew it would happen sometime...

I got a phonecall from Russ earlier today. Apparantly the people who I 'won' that harddrive from wanted to talk to me... hmmm.

I called them back straight away and explained why I was phone. You know it's going to be fun when the guy knows your name as soon as you mention 'hard drive'. Hehe. The long and short of it was they had worked out where their RMA'd drive had got to, and wanted it back or for me to give them money for it.

I explained to them that I had been 100% honest about the drive and had called them within 10 minutes of the drive arriving at my door, with, I added, a full explanation of what had happened. I then explained how nobody got back to me about it, and that instead of being dishonest and forggetting about the whole thing, I had phoned them up again to ask what was going on and when were they sending the courier to collect it... I then told him I was told I could keep the drive as it wasn't my problem.

He didn't like this much, but has decided that I can keep the drive and he hopes it's being put to a good use.

Apparantly he's been tyring to find out where the hell the drive had got to for the last 4 months! I said if only I'd spoken to him in the first place it would have been all ok and saved him the trouble. "Nah, you'd have never spoken to me, because I only deal with returns and things." If only I'd been on the ball and pointed out that if he was the person who dealt with such things as returns, maybe Customer Services should have put me through to him, when I clearly had an out of the ordinary returns issue. Unfortuantly, I only realised this after I'd hung up, but then I'd already won the drive by then and didn't really want to stir up more crud!

So maybe the episode is now finially over?

Here be a list chronicalling the story so far...

  1. New Drive Arrives
  2. It died loosing my stuff
  3. Tried to get something back off it
  4. Drive gets low level formatted and sent back
  5. A new one arrived from the supplier, can't find where I posted about it (if I did)
  6. Yet another drive arrives from Maxtor - I'm honest and try to give it back... but the people are having none of it...
  7. After a few months I decide to install the drive
  8. And today they decide after about 5 months that they'd quite like it back...
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