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August 13, 2004

A quiet night in...

[It's another write late at night and post later things... this one post was written on Wednesday night] Well tonight was time for a quiet night in... erm hmm... Dad decided thaat it would be good idea to invite someone he knew from school, who he just reaquaitnted himself with, up for a drink or five, and as he'd already met the rest of the family it was my turn to meet him... heh. Well I sat and kept up with these old drinking parteneter types... there was even a Michaell Aspel moment when Dad invited someone else who'd not met this guy for the last 40 years! He appeared and they just got on like they had never left each other! There was a lot wasterage going on (Dad and I getting the brunt of it!) and it was rather cool! Helping my opnion that it can be quite good fun to get pissed with old people as well as young ones!

Time for bed! Yeah I know you'll be getting this at a not bed time... but I'm posting it after I've writen it okay? Good... [oh look it's a bedtime when I'm posting it anyway]

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