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January 28, 2004

I want my data back...

Well that lasted long...

I was on the phone to Mandy when my computer decided to BSOD... some thing to do with a .sys file with ntfs in the title... I rebooted and carried on my phone call.

When coming to actually use the computer I realsied that where my 120Gb disc used to be, there was a 0byte disc in its place... not good.

Since then I've tried all kinds of things, even trying it in Ants machince, in which it causes his machine to fail to boot. It's currently scanning the disc using a cunning program from Maxtor with an aim to see if it's the disc or just the data which is buggered. Either way it's a bit of an arse... <fingers crossed> on the whole getting my data back front!

Wish me luck!

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