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March 26, 2004

There is a chance I'm too honest...

You know I bought a 120Gb drive a while back...?

And then it broke...

Well I asked Maxtor for an RMA number so I could send it back to them and get a new one. They gave me a number and a load of instructions on how to package up the drive... the packaging in which the drive was sent to me was not adequate... so I phoned up the people who I bought the drive from to say look your packaging wasn't good enough, and now my drive is broken and they said 'don't worry, send it to us instead'... so I got an RMA off them... posted off the drive waited a while and got a new one from them and everything was cool, this was over a month ago :)

Today I've received another drive from Maxtor! So the people who I bought it off have RMA'd it to Maxtor, but instead of them sending them the replacement drive... they've sent it to me, who RMA'd the drive to them initially!

So, I was faced with a decision... do I keep hold of the drive and not tell anyone and wait for my supplier to chase up with Maxtor and find that it was delivered to me... do I phone up Maxtor in Ireland long distance and explain to them... or do I phone my supplier and say... hey I've got your replacement drive, want it?

I decided to phone my supplier and had fun explaining it... problem is that through out the thing you sound like you are complaining about a fucked drive, especially when I'm phoning the sales line and not the customer support line...

I bought a drive from you... then it broke... then I RMA'd it... then I RMA'd it again... then I sent it to you... then I got a new one from you... then I got a new one from Maxtor.

At every opportunity I was interrupted to be told what I should do next, and how I shouldn't be phoning the sales line... :) I always love the punch line when it comes to conversations like that :)

Anyways... she's getting customer services to phone me on Monday to arrange a collection :( Poo... I thought I might have won it for my honesty! They are only selling them for about 50 quid now... not worth the postage of back and forthness!

What would you have done?

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