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August 9, 2004

It's too hot and humid

So... what have I done in the last few days?

Nothing, is the easiest way of putting it!

Went to the pub with Kate and Hania (look Hania, your name on my blog!). It was quite nice and relaxed. On the way back we had a funny thing happen. Whilst walking around the "14 Corners" on our way back from the pub I saw what I thought to be some old plastic bags and rubbish lying in a corner. In the light it look just like a person lying there. "Oooh, look," I said as I got closer, "it looks like a... [I notice that it is actually a real person] person lying there". 'Shit!' I thought as I walked away whilst trying to not laugh too hard! I had to check with Kate that it was actaully a person, and she agreed. Hania didn't notice it though. Odd.

Today I've not done much of note at all. Quite sad really. Seem to be wasting the summer away, again.

Whilst looking for a site to tell you all about the fourteen Corners, I found this about Skircoat Green, which has a photo of the pub I went to on it. Exciting, eh? There doesn't actually seem to be anything about the corners on the Internet. How sad.

I wonder how many people may stumble across this site after looking for them?

Oh yeah, and it's too hot and humid around here. Grrrr.

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