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May 9, 2007

Joost invites in exchange for sex

Seeing as I didn't manage much any sex out of my post about gmail invites a while back... I thought I'd try it on with Joost... seeing as I was one of those lucky beta testers - and I can now give out invites willy-nilly apparently....

Not exactly sure whether you'll like it or not (Joost that is...) I can see it as a bit of bandwidth killer - not for use if you're capped on bandwidth usage - bearing in mind it still uses bandwidth when you're not even watching it (if it's still in your systray).

You might be asking "Joost, what's that?"... it's IPTV (Internet television) from the same people who brought Skype to the world... the programs that are on it are a bit bobbins too to be honest - but I guess that might improve... maybe.

I'm not selling it very well. Of course you could just get an invite from me and not really have an intention of using it... just for the added extras - you know like buying the cheapest thing in a designer boutique just so you can have the bag it comes in...

[This post is tounge-in-cheek. I would not stoop so low as to actually really offer sex for invites to Joost's Beta service... of course I'm open for offers ;-)]

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