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May 4, 2007

The end of an era!

So, there it was last night... the final night in the pub with the old landlord! I kind of wish I could have stayed to the death like the old days - but alas I needed to be in work at 10am so left at 1.30am :-(

I've been half convinced to try dumping the pub and try going to the Social Club. Originally this struck me as a bad idea because I didn't want to walk in and the music to stop, the tumbleweed to blow past and the church bells to ring... "You're not from around these parts"... I've now been convinced that I've become pretty much a part of the local community now and I'd already know everyone who's in there... and I'd be welcomed with open arms... we'll see.

1 pound a bottle of Bud does sound appealing.

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