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September 5, 2004

GMail invites in exchange for sex!

I had this cunning idea earlier this week... I'd get myself some GMail invites and because they are sooo sought after I could then offer to give people them in exchange for a quick shag.

There are, however, problems with this plan. I've realised that the girlies who read this prolly don't want a GMail account, or even know what one is! Sort of scuppers that plan then doesn't it!? Of course I might find a new geeky girlfriend that way... I know I've told you before that geeks make great boyfriends, do geeks also make great girlfriends? No geeky girls read this though (dammit) or if they do they ain't told me about it!

Another problem is that millions of people have spare invites for GMail now, oh well.

So... to cut a long story short... I've got some invites, which I'm not going to get sex for... is there anyone (male/female) who would like a GMail account on a no strings attatched basis? Preference will be given to people who've commented before!

[This post is tounge-in-cheek. I would not stoop so low as to actually really offer sex for invites to Google's Beta email service and I doubt people would shag me (or anyone else) in order to get one... (I didn't shag for my invite!)]

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