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August 7, 2006

Bloody cold callers...

I got two phone calls today on my mobile (both from different numbers). Both from I think the same company (I'm not too sure on the first one though)... they were both offering me the best deal for my mobile phone - apparantly my contract is ready for renewal... (it's been ready for renewal for the last 2 years or so maybe?)

Anyways... I've Googled the numbers and suprise suprise find that my blog is top of Google for one of them - being in a comment about someone else annoyed about being plauiged with the phone call!!

I could only find the first number on a forum but it was in Chinese, the number was 01792350023 (or 01792 350023 if you write numbers like that).

Conversation went along the lines of:

Them: Hi, I'm calling from [blah blah blah] I notice your phone contract with o2 is up for renewal and we can save you money if you change to us.
Me: Can you bet twenty quid? (this usually causes them to say no and hang up)
Them: No, but I can do 22 quid. For 1000 minutes and 1000 texts a month.
Me: How much data do I get?
Them: Data?
Me: You know, GPRS.
Them: G-P-R-S?
Me: Erm... erm, I'm not beleiving this... (trying to hold back on the "you're phoning me from a mobile phone company and you don't know what GPRS is and you want me to change to you. Do you think I'm crazy?")
Them: I'm sorry sir, I'm not understanding you. Goodbye.

02920368700 was the second number to call me (that be the number on Google for the blog again). I'm pretty sure it's the same company as before, but this one was definalty Communcations Direct. Same old bloody story, but we didn't get as far as them offering me the details because I was extremely vauge about if my contract had ended yet!

Anyways, the upshot is they are now in my address book in the "Silent" group.

If you're being pestered by numbers and don't want your phone to ring why don't you download my Silent ringtone and put it on your phone, it'll cost you nowt - of course you could always buy something for yourself from Amazon or Touchlight using these links to show your gratitude :-)

[Other numbers that are the same people are 02920 368701 (02920368701), 02920 368705 (02920368705) and 02920 368710 (02920368710) (notice a pattern?) and quite a lot of people are reporting getting phone calls about mobile phone upgrades from 02920 240069 (02920240069), although I'm not sure if they are the same people or not. I've posted these numbers because I've decided to remove and close the comments for this post - see Another set of comments bites the dust... for more information as to why - if you want to email me to rant about having just got a call then you can drop me a line at if you want - I won't guarantee that I'll reply though!]

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