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October 30, 2006

Another set of comments bites the dust...

I've just decided to close (and hide) the comments posted to Bloody Cold Callers. Why, you ask?

Basically they were just getting too hard to police, with what was the truth and what was verging on libel. Originally it was pretty easy to tell, by removing comments that inferered that the company were scammers or fraudulant (which I personally have no proof of either way, someone just posting that it's happened to them isn't proof so the comment went into the trash) - and wasn't the point I was making when I posted the post - my post was merely about how annoying the company are, which I don't think would be an issue to defend - judging by the level of interest the post by annoyed people the post received.

Then people started posting loads of phone numbers, some of which might were probably not realated at all, any number could have been posted there.

What broke the camel's back and made me decided to stop all the comments was pretty much the last comment to be posted which basically showed an email that a guy had sent to the company, which to be honest was waaaay over the top. I originally decided to remove just the email but then decided to trawl through the rest of the comments to see if there was anything else to remove. There were a lot of comments to go through and then I decided balls to it and cut the whole sodding lot. Even the one's with the praise of thanks for letting me know I have no reason to call the number back.

I might in future go through and pull out the comments that I agree with, I might not.

I've linked to this post on the page in question and although I welcome and indeed encourage comments based upon my decision to close the comments on the other page I will not tolerate any comments that are about the phonecalls or the company. They will be removed and then I'll probably close the comments on this page too.

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