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August 7, 2006

Sandwiches on the cheap...

On Friday when I went to get a sandwich from one of the university's money making machines I was told that it was buy one get one free when I got to the counter, brilliant :-) Then I realised why, it was 2.30pm and the shelves were full of sandwiches which would go out of date at the end of the day.

Well I've just got back from the money machine again and thought I'd see what the dates were like, to see if was better off going back a bit later and getting two for one again like the cheap Northerner I am.

Alas... at first all seemed to be 9th August... well I say all... I then noticed a shed load of 6th August (it's the 7th today) on the shelf below... hmmm... I thought... I wonder whether I can get some sarnies for cheaper than 1/2 price... so went with my out of date sandwich and told them it was out of date...

I'm a little unsure as to if they'd noticed and tried to blag it or not. Unfortunatly they didn't offer to let me take the waste off their hands - I suppose they couldn't stand the risk of my dieing from it. I helped them removing the offending sandwiches off the shelves - it was almost a shelf full, they'll apparanlty be having words with the supplier...

Wonder if I go back down for coffee, say at 2.30, whether they'll have been beamed back to the shelves? Suppose they can't chance it really!

When I got my newly chosen, in date, sandwich to the till I seem to have been undercharged by twenty pence and I was a bastard and didn't point this out, can only do one 'good' deed for them a day! No doubt karma will probably catch up with me.

I'm just trying to be a better person. My name is Ed.

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