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April 10, 2006

Your guess is probably as good as mine!

Well after all that of making a ring tone which doesn't actaully ring... I thought I was lucky as I'd not heard from the guy - so the ring tone hasn't actually been used in the field yet... anyways I've just got this and wondered if the Canadian who'd voted that my use of English was the worst (twice!) would care to translate this for me... 'cause I've just received it on MSN and I don't know exactly how to help the guy! I guess pointing him to the direction of the full-stop key might be a good start.

Yeah, I know it's evil posting private communications and taking the piss out of people's lack of use of the English language - but as always I only do it when people claim the "English use moral high ground" themselves and screw up big time.

I've got nothing else to post about too!

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