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April 15, 2006

No news...

Title says it all really... thought I'd post so you don't think that I've died!

Last week has been remarkably uneventful! My tutor has been off work (holidaying I guess) and I've hit a million brick walls with nobody to discuss things... this has meant that although I've been going in, I've been taking the piss somewhat with the times which I have gone in at!

Not to worry, I'm sure they won't notice... well they can't can they because there was nobody there!

Earlier this week I'd completely caught up with Lost... (as in in sync with the American showings)... now I'm an episode behind but not to worry that will be rectified in the near distant future.

Oh and I've got addicted to bloody 'Command and Conquer: Zero Hour' again. Dammit. I'm going to have to stop playing it again - it's eating up loads of my time which I could be doing something else with... what I'm not rightly sure, but something else... I always feel as though I've wasted time when I've played it but can't help myself!

That's seriously about all there is to tell!

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