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April 7, 2006

Who'd have thought it?

Many many moons ago I got my first annoyance with people directly linking to images off my blog.

The guy who'd nicked it was Spanish speaking and on a Spanish forum, so I made it so that when he had the image as his avatar it would come up telling him (and the rest of the forum) that he was a loser, in Spanish. Clever, huh?

Well no. Because now a million and one spanish people search the web for soy un perdedor and end up finding my blog at the top - not the end of the world by any means. They also do image searches, find my docotored image on the first page and use that as their avatar, directly by choice, even though it's calling them a loser.

If I changed it to say "No soy un perdedor" would that offend people and they'd stop using it?

What gives?!

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