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February 19, 2006

Not just us then!

I've just read on Kate's Blog that she's getting mail that's meant to be delivered to nextdoor, and nextdoor is getting her mail...

The same thing keeps happening here too! We got a note through our door a few days ago from nextdoor saying that they'd got all of our mail for that day, and that we should probably have a word with the postie because they're giong away March - October... just think on the mail we might end up missing out on and not being able to get back!

Indeed you wouldn't have thought it difficult to read what number is on the letter - it appears that it's getting worse! Mum and Dad in Halifax keep getting mail that's meant for similar named houses over half a mile away! Luckily the places that all sound the same(ish) swap mail between each other, 'cause they know it happens - but that's not how it should be! Crazy...

Guess it's all down to the Royal Mail being poo... again...!

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