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February 18, 2006

Woo... another book read!

I've recently been reading another book which Ian let me.

It's called Haunted and is by James Herbert. Now I've never really a fan of the 'horror' genre, espcially when in a book... how exactly does a monster jump out and scare you in a book? But I quite liked this book - mainly as it's about a guy who's trying to disprove the existance of ghosts - so there seems to be reasonable explanations for all the bad stuff that seems to be happening to the main character.

The end of the book sort of let me down though I suppose, but hey, getting there was quite fun.

Ah well, it's whet my appetite for reading some more books... scary stuff. Wonder what I'll read next...

Teehee, this post is almost as bad as the crap I used to have to write in my 'Reading Journal' at school!

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