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November 19, 2003

Royal Mail are poo

I've decided that they are actually poo now. I got 2 cards from them this morning, one was your standard birthday card thingy, and the other was a card from them, saying that they had tried to deliver a parcel and failed.

They must have known when my birthday was as well because they put the wrong date on the card. What really annoys me is that for the last 30 mins of so I've been trying to phone the sorting office on the number of the back of the card to arrange a redelivery. But no, it's engaged... and as soon as it's not engaged the phone rings forever, this leads me to one conclusion, it's only engaged because nobody is picking up the phone and everyone is trying to ring them, this is well shit.

So yeah, who ever has sent me a present, thank you.... :-) I'm sure it'll be great when I actually get it. Crappy mail. I blame the Queen you know... it's her mail service...

Posted by Ed at November 19, 2003 12:46 AM | Rant |