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September 28, 2005

MGM again...

Yesterday we went to MGM Studios again... to finish doing the things we'd not managed to finish on the last two times we'd been there(!?). We saw the extreme motor stunts show "LIghts, Motors, Action" (imported from Disney Studios Paris) and Beauty and the Beast. We also saw a ickle demonstration of how Disney's animated charaters are imagined and rode Rock 'n' Rollercoaster, and Tower of Terrors again. This took a whole of 6 hours.

In the evening we wanted to see the Epcot Illuminations so we went to Epcot. Myst also wanted to ride the monorail from Epcot to the Transportion Center near by to the Magic Kingdom, as he's a transport geek. As we really wanted to be at Epcot we then needed to go back from the Transport Center to Epcot. As we were clearly the first at the station for the return (seeing as the train we got off emptied the station) we managed to be the first in line to ask for a ride at the front of the train with the driver. This was kinda cool - it would have be kinda cooler if the driver wasn't a 'dyke on the blob' as we so elequantly described her after we got off.

The air at Epcot was electric, quite literally. We sort of walked into the middle of a electric storm - it was well cool! Fork lightnening all over the place! Woo! There might be a photo of some on my camera which I'll put up if it looks any good... or not any good probably.

The show was quite funky! Flashes, fireworks, lasers and water... I'm so not good a descriptiveness.

Today we went to Typoon Lagoon, another Disney waterpark. It was cool - we got to swim with fish, stingrays and sharks, which was well funky! Even if the water was a little on the chilly side!

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