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October 2, 2005

The Last Day!

I thought it'd be about time to write about my last day in the states.

After getting back from the water park we headed off to see 'Cirque du Soleil' Disney show - 'La Nouba'. Luckily we had our handy ticket agent who knows all the right people who managed to get us tickets for half price... so instead of $80 the only cost us $40 - bargain if you ask me.

The show was quite funky and had me laughing quite a lot - the preshow was good where the clowns showed a couple to their seats... and directed them to the middle of the stage - serves 'em right for coming late! I was amazed that the boring git next to me only clapped once and never laughed (don't worry folks who were there with me... he was the random to my right, not one of you guys).

Then it was off for the final night of clubbage (not that there had been that many I suppose) and then off to bed.

We had a slight panic in the morning looing for Myst's passport which had dissappeared. We phoned Dinsey to see if it was there and they didn't even know what a passport was... the bastards even told Myst to "have a Magical day". It worked though, because as soon as we'd phoned the British Consulate to organise and emergency passport his real one fell out of the sky - I shit you not!

Bit of a scare getting to the airport - mainly due to nearly running out of fuel and refusing to fill it up - 'cause we're meant to bring the car back empty and by this we assume the mean on fumes... :-) Not that a gallon of fuel at $3 would have killed us...

Huge queue at the airport and our plane appeared to be delayed - what a suprise - didn't see that one coming!

When finaially on the plane and settled down, a member of the cabin crew came to ask if we would mind moving to the emergency exit row for take off as the seats had to have people in them... "You can come back to these seats when the pilot turns off the seatbelt lights... "

"Erm, can't we stay there for the whole flight", I asked.

"If you want"

Erm... hell yeah. I could stretch my feet out as far as possible and not touch anything. Free upgrade - love it!

That's about it for the adventure I guess! I've scanned all of the random passes and tickets we needed to make it all happen... it's only when I started putting them on the scanner I realised how much crap we needed!

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