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September 27, 2005

Jeeze... it's been a while!

I've been writing blog posts in my head for a while about what's been going on... and not actually realised that I've not put it down yet! Doh! Well... we went out to a Manikins, woo, there was girls there! What's better is that some of them chatted me up - I blew it though. Mainly as it was the munter who was chatting me up... and "Hey, something smells nice! Is it you?" Is such a shit chatup line - I'm suprised they even dared to use it!

Erm, Friday was the time to repeat Universal to make sure we'd done all the rides we'd missed before - the only real one of note had to be some "evil dude's towers of evil" or some such - he's probably a character from a cartoon or Marvel cartoon or something... it's one of those towers when you get lauched up and drop down again...

After realising earlier in the week that these sorts of rides are sooo not scary it didn't really vex me. Apparantly, this evil dude uses all the 'fear' we have in ourselves to fuel his resivoir of fear which he'll use to take over the world - heh... well he didn't get much fear from me! Hmmm... nope, I can't remember any other rides of serious note.

On Saturday we drove for miles and miles and went to the Kennedy Space Center. This was rather cool! Getting to see loads of rockets and the two Launch Pads where the shuttles are launched from. The Shuttle is smaller than I thought they would be - but the Saturn V rockets they used to get to the moon with are fecking massive - it's hard to describe how big they are - because the building it was in was also huuuuge! Oh well... I'll find some stats when I get home maybe! I also touched a piece of moon rock - out of this world!

Sunday we went to 'Wet 'n' Wild' a non-Disney waterpark. Some of the rides there we cool - mainly because they were different. One's callled the "Bomb-bay". You get in a capsule with a trap door in the floor above a normal steep as hell slide and then you're shut in and then when the lifeguard decides the floor goes away and you're dropped down the slide - the twist is that you don't know when this is going to happen. Myst didn't like this ride... he got in the pod and then decided to leave from the door instead of the floor - bless.

Another cool ride is 'Disco-H2O', it's a tubed ride where the inside of the slide had music and flashy disco lights! Funky! There's a bowl you also go around a few times which also has lights in it - a bit like a dance floor, even though you're in your tube!

In the evening we went to Jeff's house. He'd cooked us a cool country American meal - it was really really nice! We watched a film on his massive TV and came home. They don't do small things in the states... everything about his house is large... well apart from his dog which is tiny. It's one cool dog though - it almost made me want one!

So, that leaves today. Myst's birthday. We went down to Tampa to visit Busch Gardens. This was cool although we didn't seem to actually go on many rides. It was the quietest I've ever seen a theme park - all the rides were very very insense though, which is cool - although I'm thinking due to the lack of worry of going on any of the rides I've become so used to them that they're a tad boring by now! There's one a bit like Oblivion at Alton Towers - but longer. It'd had broken down just as we got on it and they asked us to get off it whilst they fixed it - which they eventually did (1h30) later. Sat at the top of the big drop I was like "Yeah, whatever!" Ah well.

We went to a stake house for food. There was a screaming brat. He/she/it kept screaming all of the time. It was obvious to the people in there that the brat was annoying from the people's reactions everytime a scream happened. We were sat next to the table with the people with the brat. The waitress kept of coming around and talking to us, in a way I suppose it was funny because they didn't want to kick the baby out... about 30 mins into it all the grandma took the baby outside - to a round of applause from the whole damn resturant. We were quite happy that we weren't the first to start - it started at the bar which was a fair distance away from the brat!

Then the mom decides to tell us that we're all rather rude and she could help it if the baby had earache... erm, she could have left the little shit at home, no? Not that it's the baby's fault... it wasn't really a shit. It's the parents who are incosiderate!

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