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September 22, 2005

Seaworld... and more

Yesterday, we decided to go to Seaworld to play with Dolphins and Stingrays. It was cool stroking Dolphins - helps if you're stood near to people who have food though! There's quite a cool rollercoaster there - it's rather intense I guess, with loads of tight turns, loops and I think it even had an ickle bit of corkscrew. The logflume-esque ride there was also quite good - it makes you think you're going to go down for a second time and then... well I'd tell you but it'd spoil it for you ;-)

Once we'd exhausted the sea life we decided to go back to Disney to continue with MGM studios. We thought we'd come up with a cunning ploy to avoid paying parking fees at the parks by getting a free Disney bus from Downtown Disney (where parking is free) to the parks... no can do... the buses only go to resorts. Nice try though, I guess.

We went on the Rockin' Rollercoaster again, 'cause it's cool (even has Trackspots in it...) and then went on the Tower of Terror twice... the first time of these had to be the best one we'd managed so far.

We must have done other things too - things like a backlot tour of the studios - got to see things like Herbie and the pod used in 'Flight of the Navigator'- but at this time I forget what else we did :-)

In the evening we were all meant to be going out with Jeff for a meal and then partyage. Myst was feeling ill though, so didn't come along - even though he's known Jeff for longer than the 1/2 day we'd met him! We went to TGI Fridays which was cool and then on to a club/resort called the Parliament House which is miles and miles away somewhere near Downtown Orlando - it's a gay club and tacky as a tacky thing could be! I didn't think it that great, that's prolly because the Dykes there were somewhat munting and looked more like blokes!

Today we went to the Magic Kingdom again and redid all of the rides we'd done before and then managed to do the ones we'd not done before. The downer was that it pissed it down a lot - a very lot. So there was lots of waiting around in shops or running around manically. Well... now's now... we've just got back - it's 5 to 7 in Florida time... and we're getting ready to go out for food and then meet up with Jeff for more gayness... great...

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