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September 21, 2005

Blizzard Beach, Animal Kingdom and Disney-MGM Studios...

On Monday we went to Blizzard Beach, which is one of the DIsney World Resort's two water parks. It's kinda cool... it's a stange combination of a Carribean Seaside and an Alpine Ski resort... the theme music changes between Calypso and Winter/Christmas. Crazy! The best thing there had to be the Summit Plummit I guess. A crazy water slide if ever there was one... this is your standard Kamikazi ride I guess... but it's stoopidly steep. After launching yourself you end up travelling at around 50 mph - in just your swimwear. Crazy.

As what happens at every waterparks I've been to... I got myself sun burnt. Grrr... my knees are now some what red.

We then went to Downtown Disney again to go to a place we'd been to the night before, DIsney Quest - this is a tad like the Trocodero in London... but all the ride and games and whatever are free play. It's quite costly to get in (something like $30) but we get entry on our magical Access Anywhere Disney tickets... kick ass.

One of the things to do is build your own virtual rollercoaster... and then you get to ride it in a simulator. Myst decieded he'd not be able to hack it and it'd make him ill... but that didn't stop him picking all the 'Danger' aspects of our coaster - like crazy turns, loops and spins... upon getting the thing to give us a scare rating... it told us they we were somewhat daring, with an intensity rating of 5 out of 5! Just in case you feel like you want to chunder ther's a red stop button to press... luckily we didn't need it. The coaster video of us riding it was mighty funny - well if you can lip read... I swore quite a bit on it!

Then we went off to the clubbing part again 'Pleasure Island'. It was quite cool! Woo... attractive girls to look at. I sense I might get a tad annoyed with the revoling dance floor. It makes it difficult to stare 'lovingly' at girls on the edge of the floor... or if you're on the edge, they keep passing you by. Now I know what the fish feels like in a Sushi bar! I'm sure sometime this week they won't be any girls there though... bloomin' gay clubs!

Today we went to Animal Kingdom to start - which is a big safari/zoo/theme park thing. There wasn't much thrill ridage. The theming was wonderful! They've spent shed loads on it to make it look like the different regions of the earth - Asia, Africa, that sort of thing. There is a Safari trip where they've tried very hard to make it so you think you're in Africa. It's not your normal drive though a big field full of animals - there's a story line to it too which you take place in!

We met up in the park with someone who Myst met out here when he came a few years ago.

We went to see the The Lion King Show was quite cool - it's a musical acrobatics thing, with some quite skillful stuff.

After pretty much exhausting the park we went to the Disney-MGM Studios - rides we went on were the Aerosmith ride - which was kickass. It's got a silly standing start accelleration (like Rita at Alton Towers) and then goes off to have all of the features of a cool coaster - speed, loops, corkscrews, unpredicatability, funky soundtrack... oh and it's all mainly dark!

The next ride had to be the one I'd been worrying about since coming here - the Tower of Terror... you'll have all heard of this ride so there's no point explaining it - oh go on... lift that goes 13 floors and then drops down faster than gravity would pull you - but it's unpredicable, so you don't actually know when it's going to drop. It didn't live up to what I thought it would be like though - it wasn't that bad at all - it's all in the anticipation!

In the evening we went to watch the Fantasmic show - a light and water show. This was amazing - as most Disney shows seem to be!

That's it. We're knackered, so we're at home about to sleep and it's only just after 10pm!

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