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September 19, 2005

Epcot and Downtown...

Today we went to Epcot. It's clearly the millenium dome of Disney - execpt much bigger. It's Myst's fave attraction at Disney. I thought it was fine for what it was - although most of the stuff it was trying to teach me I already knew because I'm of above average intellegence :-) Chris thought it was boring...

Some of the rides are quite funky. "Space" has to be the most safty warned ride I've ever seen. Hell... it even has sick bags on the ride! You're put in a big centrifuge which plays around with accelleration and makes you think you're been launched into space and then you land on Mars. It's quite cool and although I didn't take any notice of the "Don't dare try this if you have ener suffered from motion sickness... hell it might make you suffer from it if you've never ever suffered from it before..." Nope I'm not kidding that was prety much one of the warnings... I didn't feel sick after it.

Soarin', the new ride where you get suspended over a big IMAX screen was also quite cool. You get to fly around places on it and it's just like you're Hanggliding (cue the comment from a regular... you know who you are!)

In the evening we went for our first (of many I guess) trips to Downtown Disney.

This is the commercial area of DIsney... within this area there is Pleasure Island. It's cool. It's like a big ass club with many venues... but it's like a street... with each venue off it being a club... if that makes any sense... think about it... you get a wristband when you enter the fisrt 'club' and then you can freely move around all the others willy nilly... carrying your drink as you go onto the 'street' - where there's also music playing... the idea of the place is that it's "New Year's Eve" everynight... I like this Disney philosophy.

One of the clubs we went into seems to have had more money than sense spent on it... it's got milions of lights... so much so, that even though it's only really a tiny club... it's got two lighting ops (well from what I could see... I might be talking bullshit). It's crazy. The only downer is that beer isn't cheap. 12 floz of Bud costs $3.50 and a 16floz bottle of Bud set me back a whopping $5. Eeek. I think I'm going to have to find a cheaper way of getting intoxicated before going there in the future!

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