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September 18, 2005

Woo... we're here!

So... finally, we've got here...

It wasn't without it's issues even when we got here though... the magical OPEN-US computer system in the passport control place (where they take your fingerprints and take a photo of you) broke for a good 45 mins... not good...

Then we had slight issues finding the right roads to get us to our hotel - the maps we were given not being that great and Myst getting use to driving on the wrong side of the road for the first time can't have helped!

At the hotel they took a while to find us on their computer system. This had us worried for a slight while (bearing in mind that we were checking in a day late...)

After dumping our stuff it was off to the Magic Kingdom... woo.... Disney!

Erm... we went on lots of rides there... I forget all of their names because it's like the day after I went now... Space Mountain was good. Me liked. I was also very impressed with Mickey's Philharmagic Orchestra (or something like that) which was a 3D movie where the cartoon characters seemed to come to life. It was also linked to things in the cinema type place... so when a pie came on the smell of the pie was blow into the room. There's also a bit where champagne bottles are poped and you get blasted with air each time this happens - as well as thinking the 3D cartoon tops are going to hit you! Well cool!

Had breakfast at a diner this morning which was cool - that being one of the things (sad I know) which I was looking forward too before coming!

Then we went to Universal Studios. This was rather cool - the rides being much less tame than the Mickey Mouse ones one would find in the Magic Kingdom. The Spiderman ride was cool - another 3D one, but this time you're in a car which moves though to different projection screens and the like (some bits are reallife... some bits are on the screen). It all blends together really really well.

We also went on an coaster like Nemesis at Alton Towers... execpt it sort of makes the one in Alton Towers look a tiny bit shit in comparison... that said I wasn't that impressed with Nemesis at the time!

Another Universal ride was "The Mummy". It's a darkish roller coaster, bit like Space Mountain or a black hole or what have you, but much funkier with projections and animatronics and stuff - much more violent and has some backwards bits too!

Oh yeah... the water rides at Universal are cool. You get kinda soaked to the skin on them... which isn't too bad considering how warm it is out here! Moisty seemed to come off not as bad as the rest of us, with Chris and I definatly getting somewhat wet.

That's it for now... people want to sleep!

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