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August 5, 2005

Robin Hood's Bay

At the weekend I went to Robin Hood's Bay, with Rosie, Toph, JJ and Kate.

There's qutie a nice writeup about the weekend on Toph's blog and some photos on the gallery - I'm sure that Rosie's will appear on her album shortly - once she's censored the ones she doens't want her boyfriend to see ;-) [was I not meant to say that?].

I got quite excited on the way there. I'm sure I've discussed this with other people before... but when was the last time you saw a real life Lada Riva? Exactly. You've probably forgotten that they ever existed 'cause they've all rotted - you used to see loads of them around... well you did when I was back home in Halifax anyways - around 1993 when I finished primary school... Well, on the motorway I saw one! I had to take a photo to prove it to you...

Lada Riva!

The Wikipedia article I link to says they stopped being sold in 1997 - wow that late! It's amazing how you're used to seeing thing and then they vansih for a while and then you forget all about them :-)

Oh yeah... Robin Hood's Bay... well I had a very drunken night on the Friday and drunk loads more than I thought I was capable of. Beer then wine - fine - my arse.

In the day time on Saturday we sat around doing not much - mainly because it was pissing it down quite a bit. We we're humoured by the customer service skills of one of the local cafés (The Bramblewick).

We sat down at a table to be snapped at... "We're not doing drinks by themselves at the moment only with food." Well that's lucky, mainly as we wanted food. Everyone who walked in had this snapped at them. Wouldn't it be better to ask "Are you dining?" and then apologise that you're only doing food if they say they only want a drink... It was quaintly remenicent of the level of service in Katelan's, back in Halifax - which I believe might not be open anymore(?) Can't think why - 'twas the sort of place you went to once and then would vow to never return... unless you wanted some wine and some humour of being snapped at by the manager for having the audacity to actually want to spend some money...

Toph and I did forgive the café in Robin Hood's Bay though because the waitresses were quite attractive.

Saturday evening was Rosie's turn to become wasted beyond belief... we decided to go for a walk, with an aim of ending up at the sea wall to give her some fresh air... this which was interesting. Mainly as JJ (the sober one!) seemed to insist that we should go the direct perilous route involving narrow steps and alleyways... where as Toph and I wanted to go the more sensible (although longer...but who cares we wanted a walk) walk along the road route.

On Sunday we went to Whitby for a wander about. This was cool. We went up to see the abbey and also up a lighthouse on the harbour enterance. We had fish and chips for lunch - you've got to do in once whilst you're at the seaside haven't you?

Back at home Rosie and I cooked an amazing fry up for dinner and then we drank more wine. Unfortunatly, the wine ran out before we'd had enough. This was rather sad. Ah well.

So, that's that I think. Don't think there's much else to add. 'twas a fun weekend. Thanks for having us John!

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