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August 8, 2005

'king bored

Title says it all really. I'm bored. There's nothing to do at work - well I'm sure there could be if I thought hard enough about it. My tutor's been on holiday for the past fortnight and appears to be taking today off to. And I didn't really know where I was going before he went away - so now I've no chance.

I've got all the things I wanted to have done done. So, it's now a case of inventing stuff!

In other news, I've started my employment in the pub - actually serving people instead of just myself :-) It's been going rather too well - but then the place hasn't been that busy.

In a quite time last night I continued the theme of when Ed goes in for some food he gets a game of something with the landlord - the last two times this game was Chess. Yesterday it was Scrabble. I've never been too fond of Scrabble... (can't think why!?) I managed to trounce him though. Scoring almost twice as much :-)

Pub politics is also becoming scary again - and I feel like I'm stuck in the middle :-( There's two blokes who I get on with quite well (both in there mid-40s I guess). However, they've decided to have fallen out and one of them goes so far as to stand at the bar and will refuse to even look at the other guy.

Gets quite complicated when you're the only other person in the pub and both of them have turned up within 3 minutes of one another - "it's like argh... who do I talk to?" I'll have spoken to the wrong one and it'll get me in shit some time or later.

I also seem to have found myself a new female to admire from a distance - although when you serve them it's quite hard to look from the corners of the room. The landlord told me that he didn't think she'd be in yesterday. Mainly as her friend's boyfriend has gone back home to Manchester.

These thought's were somewhat compounded when I bumped into the friend in the local shop buying a bottle of wine.

It was quite hard to control my glee when I was stood behind the bar and I saw them walk across the carpark. "I guess I'll let you serve them then," says the landlord. Ready for action... I stood there as they walked to the payphone... "We're only here to use the phone I'm afraid," says Manc's girlfriend. "Boo..."

It was at which time Fred (name changed durrr) shouts at me across the bar (cheers...) whilst they are one the phone... "so is it the little one, or the tall French one you fancy?". I'll leave it for you to decide.

In the evening I watched 'Pink Floyd The Wall', erm it's a little tiny bit complicated, no?

I think that's all. I'm slightly less bored now.

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