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August 4, 2005

Another story from the pub...

Another story from the pub. Mainly because that's all I do now a days. What a sad life I now lead.

Yesterday, (I have to check which names I've used in the past on protecting the innocenceness...) Susan was in the pub. Oh great... another pissed person talking to me about complete bollocks. She's doing quite well at annoying the the LL too... best one had to when she decided he was a bit busy and went to help him pull some pints. Much to the humour (I think!?) of the people being served. Firstly she pulled some Tiger with the biggest head you've ever seen on it.

Then someone came in and asked for a half of Guinness... Doh... she went on a hunt for the branded Half Guinness glasses... (the what I hear you saying...) Indeed. Then she found some Stella glasses... well yeah, they'll be half glasses won't they. Luckily, the LL already pulled this. So, she went on to the next person, who wanted a lager shandy... he didn't end up with much lemonade... doh. I don't think he minded too much though.

I think somebody needs a new girlfriend. You never know, after I went home maybe he's already looking...

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