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August 4, 2005

Small world...

I was in the pub on Monday evening playing chess with the landlord - as you do. Along came 'Drongo', as we call him. He's a delivery driver from my home town (this is part of where the small world effect comes in - if you'd not guessed). He decided that as the landlord was busy making him a curry he would look at my current position in chess and help me out.

"One piece you really want to protect and not let fall is this," as he points to the King. Yeah, good one...

I asked him where abouts he lived in the good old 'fax. Upon asking where I was from, it appeared he's lived there too! (Woo, small world!). At the end of my road too... (woo, smaller world!) in a children's home which has since closed down, been demolished and rebuilt as funky apartments (with the same name! crazy I say...)

The home was somewhat a blight on the "highly desirable residential area" in which my home is. I'm sure both good children with broken homes, and crazy off the rails children with no knowledge of the law went there. I remember being worried as a child about getting the shit kicked out of me by the tear-away residents!

I, of course, wondered which side of the fence he was on.

All came clear, a day later, on Tuesday when I find that he's been suspended from work. Apparantly, because he told the bosses what he thought of them... we, however, believe that he might have been caught stealing... as after telling us the news he tried to sell some of the stuff he used to deliver...

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