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June 2, 2005

Life is just getting random

Well firstly skating yesterday... that was quite fun. We were a little unsure as to whether it would happen at all. The Olympic Rink had been due for new ice - made out of demineralised water - it's clear and you can see how thick the ice is! Originally it was just made out of tap water...

Anyways, shortly after ripping up the old ice/letting it melt... what ever they do... the refrigeration unit for the Main Arena decided to break and let the ice on that rink melt too. I think that the idea was that lessons and public sessions would happen on the Main Rink.

That meant that both rinks were out of action. Whoops. After a mad rush job they managed to get the Olympic rink back up and working yesterday - the Main Rink is still knackered though.

We've started to be ticked off for the things we need to be able to do to complete Grade 4 - I sense that with a little more practice on the chassés and backward skating this grade might be in the bag. Wooo...

After skating we went to the pub... it's all gone a little strange in there... You'll have to bear with me on this description... it's more like a damned soap.

I've changed the names of the locals...

Ed and Chris are talking to Dave, the guy who got hit with the crutch last week for about 15 minutes. In walks Hannah, Dave's girlfriend.
Hi, I'll get you a drink, what do you want? And you too lads...
Chris and Ed ponder for a while...
Susan (Landlords girlfriend)
Hannah, I'll cancel my order of that lingerie.
Your boyfriend is a violent arsehole.
Dave, we're leaving. I should have to put up with that when I come into the pub.
I'm buying these two lads a drink, come and join us.
No. Give me the keys, I'm going.
Dave buys us a drink and gets Hannah a half. Hannah is almost in tears at this point. We talk with Dave for a while, Hannah keeps well out of the conversation.
Dave told me he had an affair with me 10 years ago. It's not nice when people say things you've not done.
Right, that's it, we're going.
Hmmm... see you later lads.
A long debate ensues from Susan who's going on and on about how bad it is that she was accused of doing something she'd not done. Landlord looks somewhat weary. It transpires that this had been going on all evening - and he's stuck as the man in the middle and would get into shit about it all later. That said Ed and Chris also feel somewhat awkward about what had just gone on...

So yeah. No doubt we'll go in sometime later in the week to find that Dave and Hannah are no more, and neither are Susan and the LL. It was well awkward, especially with Hannah nearly crying and just wanting to leave - but I didn't feel like telling the 43 and three quarters year old Dave that it would be more sensible to take a place under the thumb than talk to us. Oh well. Time will tell.

I didn't realise that the locals politics were so great. It's almost like living in an episode of Shameless at the moment.

Workwise today didn't happen as I couldn't find the arse to go there. Oh well. I'll try and do something from home - that is once I've worked out what I can do. I seem to have come to a little dead end in my head recently - that's after about a fortnight of flat out coding on my distibuted Monte Carlo thingy... oh well.

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