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July 1, 2005

So... erm... yeah...

Well as I posted last night in a post which you'll only just get because I bodged in my late night text console blog updating... I in, but not installed.

Well my stress levels managed to decrease after the first car load of stuff got taken across to the new house... it dropped again once I'd unpacked these boxes. Then it went sky high when I took the boxes back for a refill and realised that there was loads of crap and it kept on multiplying! 4 (?) car loads later it was all moved... so somehow these loads of stuff have to fit in my new room - that said there's possibly a car load of kitchen things, and stuff to go in the loft also - like Porter (who's currently living in the middle of the living room floor!)

I've got to hit the unpacking thing hard when I get home - otherwise it'll never get done and I'll be living out of boxes and not being able to remember which box I put stuff in and things like that - all boxes must be emptied and then possibly refilled in a more organised manner! Argh... I'm not looking forward to it at all :-( Got be done, clutter stresses me to silly extremes - which is no doubt why I'm a little stressed at the moment!

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