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July 3, 2005

It continues...

Well, the sorting out of Chris' house contiunes - I'm still not exactly unpacked - although things are getting there!

Yesterday we went to Leicester to help Joe on a networking project - 'twas quite fun making big holes in walls with big drills. Quote of the day had to be Joe's "Erm, was that crack there before we started...?". In case you're wondering... no, it wasn't.

Once back home we decided to start clearing out the loft so that there would be some space for Porter - and some more of my junk... when Chris told me it was full he wasn't joking! Below would be a photo of some of the things we threw away taken from up the loft ladder...

Photo from the loft hole...

It was 2 car loads full to the tip today... our first run was just cardboard to make it easier to only go to the cardboard skip - we'dleft some things outside the house to dispose of on our return. Jokingly, I asked Chris as we were pulling up the drive... "I wonder if anyone would have knicked that broken video we left outside?"

Sure enough... they had :D Saves us binning it I suppose!

My email should work again - it was broken as the ADSL didn't work here, and NTL (who were the backup) seem to be crap and don't allow incoming SMTP connections. This means that people will have been getting bounce emails if they have tried to email me.... sorry about that.

Well, that's all!

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