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May 4, 2005

Spring Clean

Woo, yeah!

You know when you want to revise for an exam, but there is always something else to distract you - like tidying your room or such? I've just had this in PhD land also :-) You see, as I've said at least once before, clutter stresses me out. I've let my area around my desk at work become somewhat cluttered - as guests to the lab will concur. Therefore, I've tidied everything around me up somewhat...

There's still a huge pile of papers which I have yet to sort through. But I've started filing things away in my ickle filing cabinet. Why have I not done this before? Because it's full of shit from someone else who used to sit where I sit. It's been a while now, clearly he doens't want any of the crap - so I've got rid of it!

So, that's that then!

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