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July 28, 2004


Well it's almost time to say bye bye to my room forever... although I'm sure I'll be allowed to visit it next year, only living upstaris instead.

Everything's a bit of a mess really, logistical nightmare...

Here's a Gant chart of the move for people who like project management.

Room June July August September October
Ed's Room Ed Ant Matt
Ant's Room Ant John
Russ's Room Russ Ed

All room names are based upon their initial occupants.

I can't wait for everything to be back to 'normal' next year!

Luckily I don't have to take all of my stuff home, that would be a right pain in the backside, as I can move lots of it up to Russ's room and put it on his shelves ('cause he's taken loads of his stuff home already).

I wish I wasn't such a hoarder! In trying to find out what's going home and what's to stay I've found a million and one things I could probably throw away - like...

  • departmental handbooks I've never looked at for every year of my course
  • a netball(!?)
  • a squishy promotion ntl: stress ball thing I got given in my Weekone!
  • a fake white rose
  • millions of packing stuff
  • 5 x 500ml Coke/Fanta bottles
  • 10 x Paracetamol container thingies (and to think I didn't do Paracetamol or any other drugs until I started uni)
  • 5 x Pringle tubes (useful for storing biscuits in...)
  • 2 x old kitchen sponges
  • Boxes for every electrical equipement I've bought whilst here
  • Random bit of metal from a computer case - no idea which one
  • I might post more things as I find them....

Not finding too much that's making me sad though, so that's cool.

I sooo can't be arsed with all this! Although all the sorting out of my crap will no doubt make me feel better in the end - clutter stresses me.

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