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June 23, 2005

My head... again...

Well it was ice skating again yesterday. The lovely coach has divorced us. Most upset - 'cause she was lovely. That said we weren't too sure of her coaching abilities... we've got three blokes teaching us now. It's all a bit random as the three guys are trying to teach a group of grade 5, 6, 7 and 8 people it seems. So try and share their time between them. I (and Chris I guess) feel a little left out as everyone else they are teaching seems to know each other. What's cool is that they are quite good at explaining what you're doing wrong, which is great - my backwards skating has already improved.

In the public session I eagerly awaited the enterance of the sk8er gurlz (tee hee... reminds me of the comments currently going off on my post about chavs). Oh, and they aren't actually sk8ers... they are just two girls who happen to go skating... they didn't turn up :-( Well saddening - maybe they'll be there next week?

Went to the pub afterwards, as one does. Left at dawn, again... 3rd week running. It's becoming a habit I feel! Especially as I kept getting told 'not going to have a late one tonight' - hmmm.

I thought I'd been given a hint to go at one point when I went to the bog and came back to find he'd pulled himself another half and not got me one...

"I'd have got you one, but the beer's just run out".
"Fair enough", I thought - knowing full well that I should be going home.
"Looks like it's time to train you how to change barrels then doesn't it!" he exclaimed.

Off we plodded to the cellar where I was explained the intricacies of barrel changage. It's all quite clever, they've this magical bouy thing that stops the flow when the barrel runs out, this means that when you change the barrel you don't have to empty the line of gas, it just carries on as normal - I'm guessing you've been in pubs where they've just had a barrel change and they pull off about 4 pints of froth before pulling the pint? Well I was impressed anyway.

After that I was trained on the safest way to cut a lemon, quite hard to vision in your head when the lemon is an empty fag packet, and the ends keep changing!

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