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June 21, 2005

Might be time for an update...

...not that there is anything to talk about!

Life in the last few days has been some what boring. All the same... nothing new. Excitement levels are currently at an all time low! Most of my time is being spent trying to complete GTA San Andreas, or sleeping. There's been a few trips to the pub too, oh and some work. But yeah, nothing to write home about.

So, that's why you've not had an update in the last few days, there's been nothing to update you with!

There's the first session of the new course of ice skating tomorrow - there might be something to write about then! Prolly moaning about how hard it all is and how I want to give up though I feel! :-) Doing 5 Grades in 12 weeks is just damned silly.

So, do I do some more work (doing a lot at home recently at random times - one could say I'm feeling somewhat guilty that I'm not going in until noon on most days...) or go back to playing my game... or maybe something else. Hmmm...


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