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June 26, 2005

Oooo, look it's been a while since a post again!

Yeah, it's been a while since I've posted again. I'm a little perturbed that nobody has told me to post like they usually do when it's been this long. Ah well.

Well, as far as I'm concerened life is going really quite well at the moment. Not that there is much of a positive reason i suppose. It's more that I've realised that all the negative things really aren't that negative. What my cousin said to me at one point in my 'sad era' seems to have made sense "Love yourself". I'm slowly beginning to try and do this, and it's making a hell of a lot of sense.

Yesterfay night I managed to break my personal best of staying in the pub longevity and also felt that I'd found another new friend in the landlord. I guess you can feel this when you start discussing Break-up CDs. It was quite odd - he doesn't call it a break-up CD as such - it's just his "Mushy Songs" CD - but when I saw the tracklist I thought it straight away. Then he told me that he'd made the CD for someone, but never sent it. So, I said in my drunken state, "your ex=wife". Indeed it was made for the ex-wife, but never sent.

I pointed out that one of the tracks was on my break-up CD. I thought this to be quite good seeing as he is 20 years my senior... not that I actually have a breakup CD mind... it's only a collection of MP3s that never go sent. (I won't show you the track list... but a large percentage does appear in my Overall Top 10 Charts...)

(Quite good considering I got dumped the morning after watching High Fidelity with my ex-girlfriend - which does have an emphasis on the top 10 breakup songs of all time...) Oh yeah, 'High Fidelity'... the irony.

I digress.

Well he decided that so long as I wouldn't cry we'd play this CD, 'cause it had some good songs on it. Fair enough. I decided that I now had the power to not cry when I heard a song off my CD... so we listened to it. It was interesting as, mainly as I managed to keep tears frmo my eyes and he didn't.

Then followed a long discussion of how the break up occured etc... not my breakup... his... just incase you were wondering!

It was getting quite early by now - he's had an eventful life.

"'Nother half Ed?"
"I shouldn't, Mum and Dad are coming at 11am..."
"Ah, go on..."
"I'll have a lemonade if you're staying up"
"What about a coffee?"
"Yeah, alright..."

We wander off into the kitchen to make me a cup of coffee...

I drink the cup of coffee... we keep talking about life, the universe and everything.

"Oh, you want another drink...", along follows the usual, but slighting twisted "you know where the coffee and the kitchen is then."

So, I make myself another cup of coffee, and we keep talking.

I leave at 7.10am... and get a phone call from Dad at 9.30am... letting me know that he's leaving Halifax shortly...

Mum and Dad arrive at 11.30pm we have a quick talk and a cup of tea, they bugger off to the wedding they were off to see in Derby and I go back to bed - as you would with bugger all sleep!

The plan was that Mum and Dad were going to stay the night after the wedding. So, when they get back we go to the pub for some beverage. I manage to outdrink people by starting my own little subround action again... whoops... really shouldn't do that with the parents about! No worries I suppose!

In other news, two friends appear to need loads of hugs... and because I was out with Mum and Dad I couldn't give them adequately. So, big hugs to the both of you ({) I'm sure you will know who you are when you read this... and won't know who the other person is... ah well... being the world's shoulder is quite good - especially when you've been the one wanting a shoulder for so long.

Life's what you make it.

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