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March 31, 2005

Ice Skating: Lesson 1

So... in a act of randomness I've decided to be professionally taught how to ice skate...

Why? You might ask. Well, yesterday I was asking myself the same thing!

I'm doing a SkateUK course. It was all quite funny, well it made me laugh anyway. What with when arriving asking where to go and being told to go to the people who happened to be on the ice at the edge... but in the middle! One guy who'd never skated before just looked and me and went 'No way!'

We got put in the group of Level 1 and Level 2 people (thinking we'd end up starting at Level 1). I along with Chris and Chris got put into the level 2 group. When talking to the guy who'd never skated before later on he asked "So, how do you move up from Level 1 to 2, what's the test?". "Well... you know right at the beginning they said, 'Skate to the otherside of the rink'? Well if you did you got put on Level 2!"

In a way it's a pity I didn't do some of the Level 1 course really. Mainly as he said "right, going backwards is like doing lemons going forwards, but, the other way." Well he demonstrated lemons, luckily, which is pretty much what you'd imagine them to be... but I've never done it before 'cause it looked too difficult. That said I had tried to get one of the nurses to teach me to do the backwards lemons the last time I went - not with much sucess mind.

Ah well. I only fell over twice and once again at the public skate when I was trying to practice stopping! Which is more than I've done the last few times I've been. I must be trying I guess!

Bring on next week's lesson where I can feel inadequate again! And will hopefully have remembered how to do at least one thing I learnt yesterday!

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