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March 16, 2005

So, I thought "What the hell", and went ice skating...

Well after the pressure placed upon me by the mystery commenter (':-P'). Who, I think, using the power my genius, and piecing together different information, I know who it is by the way... Anyways... after the pressure I decided that I'd have to go skating with the nurses. So, I did! I need more random in my life!

It went a little bit awkward at the beginning, as you may well imagine...

Erm, I think I recognise you...
Yeah... I'm Ed from last night
[blank face]
You've been texting me today...
Erm, oh yeah... I didn't think you were coming [nearly falls over and grabs me]

Yeah... things went better when I found other people from the party, with such great lines of "It's Ed!". Ah well. So... am I going to get a text tomorrow inviting me around to the rescheduled dinner? And if I do will I go...? and will it be well awkward again...? bearing in mind that I can't skate off into the distance when thigns get all too tense!

We'll see :-)

Random wins every time!

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