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March 30, 2005

Bit silly that...

I've just been on the Twelth Floor of my wonderful tower building and I noticed something out of place. A disabled toilet!

Of course, you might not think that this is out of place at all. But then I remembered back to my univerisity fire training. Apparantly, if you are disabled University safety rules don't allow you higher up than floor 2 due to the difficulties that evacuation would entail in a building built before people thought about getting people who find it difficult to walk out of burning buildings.

The Tower Block is not equipped to evacuate in the case of an emergency any person who is immobile, has to use a wheelchair, or who is unable to evacuate the building unaided by means of the stairs at a normal rate. In the case of a fire, both lifts will be unusable. It is with regret that the School is unable to accept students, staff or visitors who are disabled in the way defined above since it is unable to ensure their safety. All possible steps will be taken to accommodate students or staff who become so disabled during their course or employment by making special arrangements for them.

So, why on Earth is there a disabled toilet on the twelfth floor?

I'm sort of awaiting an enslaught from my more politically correct readers of "just 'cause someone is disabled doesn't mean that they're less physically able". This is true. Hell, I'm soon to be getting DSA. However, to my mind, disabled toliets, are clearly designed for disabled people who are less physcially able! Otherwise, normal toilets without all the mobility assisting gadetary would be just as good!

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