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April 1, 2005

So, some fool decided to steal another of my images...

Just been looking at referer logs again... I've noticed that some bandwidth thieving gypsy had stolen one of my sunset photos for use as a background on one of his webpages. He'd used the big image (350k) and linked directly to my server. So, had therefore wasted about 75Mb of my bandwidth.

What an arsehole!

I've now made my referer specific image changing device to allow me to put whatever I want on people's sites should they be bastard like.

If you've visited the guy's site you'll realised you can't read much of the text. Mainly because his background has gone black... same colour as his text... you might be able to read the odd word through the liberal splashings of "April Fool" in white mind. Wonder how long it'll be until he puts it back... and comments about it on my blog.

No doubt he'll make me out the be the bad guy. Wouldn't have minded so much (ok I would... he can host it on his own server!) but he's stolen the image and not even credited me as the photographer. The big cheeky shit.

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