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February 5, 2005

Missed a day! Whoops!

Looks like I missed a day of posting, after all that last minute posting and everything. Not that it really matters!

Yesterday, I was in Loughbourough watching an interesting presentation done by some Australlians. I suggested that it'd be an idea for me to visit them in their working environment... you never know! Then I tried to blag a trip to California and Texas too. Not going to happen, but one can dream.

Came home at about 4pm and started working on more PCB design... at 9.45pm I decided I needed that I should really eat! Now is now, and hopefully said PCB might be made... and will actually work. Stranger things have happened!

Yesterday, I had an item of comment spam posted! (shock horror, two in a week! or should that be two in three months - muhahaha). It was posted to the post where I compared Russ and Ant's presentation preperations to a wedding day!

Found your site by accident - but, man - good luck with your hectic day! : )
You made me smile!

Which wasn't sooo bad. The guy was involved in (advertising?) a wedding website. But he didn't really read the post and when it was dated... wishing me luck on it. It was nearly 2 years ago! I decided that it looked like a standard manual spamming to me... so checked my logs for how he found the page... he Googled for wedding blog "post a comment".

So, not that by accident then! I would have let the thing stay if he'd Googled something that did make it look like it was an accident... it's not like it's going to get him higher in Google :-D

It's only the 5th of the month... and so far 1532 comment spam attempts have been automagically blocked by my auto IP blocking beast :-) Strange... in January only 2676 got blocked... maybe people only really try at the beginning of the month - or people have gone crazy this month! Who knows? There were 27965 blocked in December... maybe the people who've been blocked have given up?

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