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February 6, 2005

PCBs and Beer

Well, yesterday was PCB fabrication day. Or so it was meant to be anyway! DIdn't really go that well - we couldn't get the damn Press'n'Peel PCB stuff to work :(

Steve G was around in the evening. After much indecision Chris, Steve and I went to Zizzi's. We got the standard "they'll be a table in 25 mins, go and have a drink and we'll call you over". We told him we'd go elsewhere for beer and come back :) Went to Wetherspoon's and got some guest Belgian ale. Now I know it's Belgian beer... but I like a pint of beer in my pint glass, not a load of head. I was most annoyed by the look of 'how dare you?' on the face of the dickhead guy who was serving us when I asked if he could top up the pints. He didn't even do a particularly good job of it either.

The food at Zizzi's was nice, although there wasn't that much of it :(

Then it was off to other Chris's flat to return his mobile phone. Now, we had keys to get into the flat, but not the magic RFID key fob thing to get us in the gates. No worries, I thought I'd be able to use my flexible abilities to get in... and pryed the gate open just enough to let skinny me fit though so I could press the button on the inside and get the gates to open. Damn easy!

For some reason we left the phone dangling from a USB lead attatched to a light drop by the door... mainly because we wanted to put it somewhere where he'd see it!

Then off to Bluu Bar where Chris gets chatted up by a girl at the bar! She looked most dissappointed that when he didn't seem interested. She walks off and another girl looks like she's going to try it on! Steve and I look at each other and in a synchronised way say "not again!".

Then we went to a pub that I remember not the name of! Or maybe that was before we went to Bluu? No idea. Basically we go in started joining the massive queue at the bar, to then be turned down by the bouncer, who told us that they're not letting anymore people in, even though we were already in... and asked us to leave... seemed to be the wrong way round...

Then we went to The Priory where there was muchos arsey dickhead bouncers. Who like most bouncers in the city don't like drinking up time much. Initially we were asked by two different bouncers with-in 30 seconds to finish and leave. Then the beetroot headed one asked us to move closer to the door... so we did and then a few minutes later told us we were the last people left and stood watching us... it was only 10 past! We finished and left. Chris noticed that there was other people in the pub and pointed this out to another of the bouncers as we left. "So, you're starting trouble then?" he asks. Grrr. I hate some bouncers.

Then got a taxi to The Ark, where Steve pulled a French girl with a genius chatup line.. "petit déjeuner?". Then the evening finished and I came home and went to bed.

Quite eventful really... maybe.

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