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May 2, 2003

Wedding day!?

Well that's my PIN Photodiode finished... I use the term loosely however! It's not finished... it's printed, there's a difference! I'm soo going to get low marks in that module. I've yet to start the telecommunications write up - this is going to be a bitch.

So, why the odd title? Well... you know on quality TV programs such as Neighbours, when there is a wedding, and people run around in a mad sort of way organising, tweaking, and ironing shirts. Well that's what it's like in the house today. I'm madly trying to do my coursework, and Ant and Russ have their final presentations for their group projects. I sense we all can't wait for the day to be over! I have a horrible feeling that my telecommunications isn't going to be done by the 5pm deadline though... shit happens - at least I will have all weekend to work out what the hell it's all about... it's a balance of losing 5% by handing it in late or losing lots more by handing in pure toss. Hummm.... the question is, can I work out what the hell is going on in 3 days?! Probably not...

Better get across to my deparment to dump ma shite on the desk...

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